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Sevatec is dedicated to enabling successful mission delivery for homeland security and law enforcement agencies, Department of Defense, Department of Transportation, General Services Administration, and multiple civilian departments and agencies. We strive to deliver meaningful solutions for our customers focused entirely on solving business challenges smarter and faster.

Our outcomes-focused solutions address immigration, transportation and public safety, procurement, and citizen service challenges. We help shift up our customer’s mission success by:
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Modernizing and securing the U.S. immigration systems across the national security sector

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Developing cross-cutting transportation applications that enable the U.S. to support national infrastructure modernization initiatives

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Engineering applications that accelerate government functions through modernized procurement, commerce and financial software systems

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Designing digital software solutions that provide critical citizen services across multiple sectors

Our Customers

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Featured Case Study

Advancing Person-Centric Analytics Capabilities to Improve Data Quality and Protect PII

Sevatec implemented a repeatable entity resolution solution that provided flexibility to manage varying degrees of data quality issues (e.g. missing or incomplete data, data transposition, non-standard addresses) and to adjust thresholds to maximize entity resolution of source records while minimizing errors.

Sevatec’s solution resolved and linked over 600 million source records across 11 disparate source systems comprising of more than 30 years of immigration data into 50 million relevant person entities, all while maintaining the integrity of the original source data.