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Sevatec Digital Software Supply Chain – Shift UpTM

Sevatec specializes in mission critical modern software development delivering solutions for the federal enterprise. Through our hundreds of task orders and contracts building software products using Agile and DevSecOps techniques, we have developed advanced processes that led to the formation of our secure, scalable, and automated Digital Software Supply Chain – Shift UpTM.

Shift UpTM combines tremendous advancements in technology, open source tooling, and commercial best practices in human-centered design, Agile delivery, DevSecOps development, end-to-end security, cloud service integration, data engineering and management, and automation into a comprehensive, modular software development framework.

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Sevatec Shift-UpTM Foundation

The foundation of Shift UpTM is the fully automated engineering techniques incorporated into the advanced DevSecOps processes providing an autonomous platform that development teams utilize to initiate fully hardened and certified containerized infrastructure, pre-configured and integrated DevSecOps pipeline tooling, continuous security throughout the infrastructure and the development process with inflight certification, and management of verified and secured software resources necessary for the finished development. The platform builds upon state-of-the-art best practices and technologies delivering to customers the most modern software products expected by their user communities.

Modern Software Solutions are first and foremost, Cloud Native, with software running in Containers versus typical cloud elastic environments. A containerized approach allows portability of modern software solutions across cloud and hybrid environments while using far less resources at higher utilizations. Our Managed Containerized Infrastructure supports accelerated delivery to production, continuous security, product resiliency, improved use with microservices and better integration with DevSecOps enterprises.


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Automated Container Management
  • Delivers fully configured Container environments without needing senior software architects
  • Saves significant time of standing up Container services throughout the enterprise
  • Significantly increases the resiliency of cloud infrastructure to support any software need at any performance level
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Automated Security
  • Integrates security controls throughout the Container Enterprise based on NIST, FISMA and FedRAMP requirements
  • Includes Security inspection and verification through cryptographic signatures to ensure all enterprise components are valid
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Automated DevSecOps Configuration
  • Pre-build CI/CD pipelines with configured tools designed to support many software architectures
  • Managed automation across pipelines to direct builds, tests, and release management with minimal user interaction
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Continuous Containerized Production
  • Dynamic management of container nodes ensures that application capabilities are always available to users
  • Delivers Cloud Native Solutions with complete resiliency, scalability, and adaptability

Tools / Technologies

Agile Managed Development Teams consist of full-stack software developers who work within a highly productive and efficient Agile enterprise supporting the delivery of mission-centric solutions for our clients.  We use key metric indicators and team management techniques (e.g., stand-ups, paired programming, peer reviews, etc.) to develop a performance driven environment that uses information to improve the delivery of software continuously throughout the sprints and increments of development services.


Human-centered design leads to effective software products making users more capable in delivering results

15-Factor Development ensures each software product is built to modern cloud software standards and complies with  security controls that protect the user and the data

Designing software and business logic around data domains results in dynamic and information-driven software solutions that guide and support end-user needs


Common development practices use branching strategies which create distance and separation between developers.  This is not what we want in a highly efficient and productive Agile DevSecOps environment. Trunk-Based Development Factory puts all developers on the same path toward the desired outcome, is not overly complicated, reduces broken builds, accelerates code reviews, provides for better code management, and delivers “fast out of the gate” project starts that continue throughout development. The main reasons for using Trunk-Based Development is that code development is always in a Release Ready state and improves code quality with minimal impact to the development process.


Accelerates the commit and release processes within the development chain resulting in faster and more frequent releases to production and greater user satisfaction

Ensures the codebase can be released on demand

Allows teams to work at different cadences toward a common solution

Provides for multiple teams to perform at scale across a large application portfolio

Tools / Technologies

All finished software solutions are based on components; Open Source platforms, Open Source libraries and frameworks, systems tools, and COTS/GOTS when appropriate.  Creating a software solution will use dozens if not hundreds of different components, all of which impact the quality and security of the delivered software solution.  The Governed Supply Chain Inventory process selects and catalogs only resources (libraries, frameworks, services, etc.) that are approved for use within government security control environments.  Resources are hardened and configured to support mandated security policies and controlled through identity management that determines which resources can be used for each project


Ensures that the entire development to delivery process is secured from end-to-end

Leverages the best resources to create a standardized software enterprise

Automates the dependency management of software across the entire organizational environment

Tools / Technologies

No matter how extensive the controls are for security and testing, unforeseen problems, unknown conditions, and errors make their way into released software. At Sevatec we provide a full suite of application, system, and development situational monitoring that integrates with our service desk and Agile management processes to continuously inspect the operation of modern software, providing us with issue identification early.  We then use our Continuous Modernization and Product Optimization process to optimize the performance of delivered software, creating continuous improvement of production products that increase user satisfaction and system performance.


Detects problems early before users notice. Beginning remediation before issues are reported

Removes O&M expense from the software budgets so more money goes to modernization

Continuously modernizes during each development sprint, not as an add-on at some later time

Tools / Technologies