Sevatec Awarded Task Order to Ensure Data Integrity for US Immigration System

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Leveraging Advanced Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, Sevatec Delivers Agile and DevOps Best Practices to Provide Critical Insight for USCIS Stakeholders

Fairfax, Virginia, October 4, 2017: Sevatec, Inc. (Sevatec), a leading National Security firm delivering Agile Development and DevOps, Data Sciences, Cyber Engineering, and Cloud solutions to the federal government, announced that it was re-awarded the USCIS Data and Business Intelligence Support Services (DBIS) task order on their DHS Enterprise Acquisition Gateway for Leading-Edge Solutions (EAGLE) II contract. Sevatec is eager to continue this journey, building upon significant successes of DBIS II to bring DBIS III to the next level of data maturity.

For DBIS III, Sevatec will leverage Agile development, continuous integration / continuous deployment (CI/CD), DevOps practices, cybersecurity operations, and data sciences to enhance capabilities for DHS USCIS. Sevatec offers valuable domain knowledge, technical skills, and proven Agile Analytics best practices required to maintain continuity of operations and increase development velocity, while transforming DBIS to the next generation of data analytics. The firm envisions a future state of near real-time structured and unstructured data streaming into a centralized, cloud-hosted, data “hub”.

“DBIS III will allow Sevatec to evolve the USCIS enterprise data warehouse, building on our DBIS II foundation and leveraging Agile Analytics to transform analytical capabilities and enhance operational support.,” said Lisa Spory, Sevatec Vice President of National Security and Immigration Programs. “Our team of experts in data warehousing and business intelligence (DW/BI), as well as DevOps and emerging technologies, look forward to continuing to deliver award-winning services in support of USCIS mission critical systems and applications.”

Through DBIS, Sevatec provides data warehousing services to internal and external systems, executive dashboards, operational reporting, and data discovery through advanced data visualization and analytics tools. The DBIS III contract expands Sevatec’s DHS relationship, providing data, cloud, application development, and cybersecurity solutions for critical mission systems.

About Sevatec

Sevatec, a National Security firm specializing in Agile and DevOps, data sciences, cyber engineering, and cloud solutions, leverages our deep domain knowledge and technology expertise to solve the federal government’s most pressing business and technical challenges. Sevatec has achieved CMMI Maturity Level 3 ratings for both Development (DEV) and Services (SVC) and maintains ISO 9001:2015, 20000-1:2011, and 27001:2013 certifications. In practice, Sevatec optimizes current industry best practices and incorporates Agile principles to accelerate performance and outcomes for their clients.

Sevatec was founded in 2003 on the concept of “Seva,” which means, “Inspired to Serve.” The mission, “Trusted Talent, Inspired to Serve, Partnered with Government, to Protect and Improve the Lives of Americans,” captures the essence of the firm’s culture. Their portfolio of mission-critical technology and consulting initiatives across the federal government broadly supports the National Security Sector, including Homeland and Law Enforcement Agencies, Department of Defense, Department of Transportation, Department of State, and multiple Civilian Departments and Agencies.

To learn more about Sevatec, please visit www.sevatec.com.