Sevatec Awarded Social Security Administration Contract to provide Identity and Access Management Services


Firm supports Role and Compliance Manager/Profile Content Analysis and Review (RCM/PCAR) Contract

Falls Church, Virginia, June 20, 2011: Sevatec, Inc. (Sevatec) announced today that the firm has been awarded a prime contract to support the Social Security Administration, Office of Enterprise Support, Architecture, and Engineering (OESAE), Division of Information Security and Assurance (DISA), Identity and Access Management program. Sevatec and partner, CA Technologies, a world-wide leader of computer software, will provide Identity and Access Management services by implementing a suite of Computer Associates Identity and Access Management (CA IAM) applications, including Identity Manager (IDM) and Role & Compliance Manager (RCM) in addition to providing profile content analysis and review (PCAR). Team Sevatec’s Identity Lifecycle Management solution will help standardize SSA’s workflow processes, ensure compliance through an automated rules engine and reporting capabilities, and provide a streamlined and automated method for continuous review of the contents of SSA’s security profiles.

“As a full service market leader of Identity, Credential, and Access Management, Sevatec is thrilled to collaborate with CA Technologies to provide IAM implementation support to federal agencies such as SSA. Our team will help SSA meet its requirement to upgrade its Identity and Access Management infrastructure in order to protect access to critical infrastructure and strategic information assets,” said Burke Cox, Chief Operating Officer.

The Social Security Administration’s Role and Compliance Manager/Profile Content Analysis and Review (RCM/PCR) contract expands Sevatec’s impressive portfolio of Identity and Access Management projects across the federal government.

For more information on Sevatec’s Identity, Credential, and Access Management service offerings, please visit http://sevatec.com.

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