Our Team

Leaders that Drive Us

Sevatec’s leadership team drives innovation and delivers exceptional outcomes for our customers. Our leaders see the bigger picture – they deliver strategic counsel to clients based on real lessons learned and trusted guidance to our team.

Sonny Kakar

Founder and CEO

Tim May

Executive Vice President and Chief Growth Officer

Steven Smith

Executive Vice President, Operations

Chuck Schefer

Executive Vice President, Operations

Eric Junker

Senior Vice President of Finance and Administration

Mark Wells

Vice President, Innovations and Solutions

Lisa Spory

Vice President, National Security

Ryan Taibl

Vice President, USCIS

Jon Ceanfaglione

Vice President, Technology/IT-Business Partner

Ramin Rad

Vice President, Technology/IT Business Partner

Joan Moret

Vice President of Human Resources

Mandy Owens

Vice President, Proposals

Jennifer Whitlow

Director of Contracts