Our Story

Founded in 2003 by Sonny Kakar, Sevatec based its name on the concept of “Seva,” a Punjabi word that means “Serving a Greater Purpose”.

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Sevatec serves exceptional government missions through the application of modern, tailored software that achieves business imperatives and improves user experience.

By combining our technical expertise in digital transformations, deep knowledge of mission related challenges, and practical experience leading IT modernization initiatives, our Digital Software Supply Chain — Shift UpTM   — has  helped modernize hundreds of mission applications across the federal enterprise.

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Our mission expands on the philosophy of Seva, starting with a commitment to teamwork, innovation, collaboration, and accountability. This collective energy is consistently focused on customer success. As stewards of government initiatives and associated project investments on behalf of taxpayers, we are also responsible for serving our local communities. While we have prioritized community service since our inception, in 2016 we launched SevaTruck, a non-profit food truck serving hot, nutritionally balanced meals to Title 1 schools and veterans across the DMV area. Since COVID-19, we have increased our service to 300-500 hot meals Monday – Friday, helping support the distribution of nutritious food to those most impacted by the pandemic.

Our Mission

We are trusted talent, inspired to serve, partnered with government, to protect and improve the lives of Americans.

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Letter From Our Founder

Sevatec based its name on the concept of “Seva,” a Punjabi word that means “Serving a Greater Purpose”.

Expanding on the philosophy of Seva, our mission and core values reflect this founding principle, and we attract, develop, and retain our team because of our shared belief system.   Our service culture begins with a commitment across the firm to each other. A commitment to teamwork, innovation, collaboration, and accountability. This collective team energy remains consistently focused on our customer’s most pressing challenges and delivering customer success.

True to the DNA of our company, we will not sit by the sidelines and be an observer as a wave of racial injustice sweeps our nation.  Our nation’s core values rests on the foundation that there is “liberty and justice for all”.   Accordingly, we have mobilized the resources and the passion of our employees and our partners to create opportunity through education.

When I refer to Serving a Greater Purpose – what I really mean is serving needs beyond ourselves.  Making contributions that are bigger than each of us individually and bigger than our company.  This is what motivates us to make positive mission impacts for the missions we serve; this is what compels us to build a team of individuals who share a common belief system; and this is what inspires us to appreciate our corporate responsibility in investing in critical needs across our local communities.

Whether you are an existing, or potential customer, employee, or partner, Sevatec is committed to you. We look forward to our journey together, built on trust, inspiration, and eternal optimism.

– Sonny Kakar, Founder & CEO

Our Core Values

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Dedication to the Client Mission

  • A full commitment to ensuring the vital client mission is achieved
  • Working side-by-side with our clients to overcome obstacles towards a common purpose
  • Introducing innovations and efficiencies that advance mission attainment
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Integrity without Compromise

  • Making decisions in the best interests of clients, colleagues, U.S. taxpayer, and the firm
  • Conducting ourselves in an ethical, honest, and truthful manner at all times
  • Keeping commitments, promises, and our word
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Results that Matter

  • Solving problems through innovation
  • Focusing on outcomes in all that
    we do
  • A common passion for delivering best value in serving our country and the American people
  • Being entrepreneurial and creative
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Excellence in Every Activity

  • Demonstrating professionalism and a strong work ethic
  • Being dependable, accurate and timely in every activity
  • Always learning and continuously improving
  • Delivering quality work products that exceed expectations
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Commitment to Service

  • Living the meaning of “Seva” – a lifelong commitment to serving others
  • Serving our clients, colleagues, and the U.S. taxpayer and the community with honor and respect
  • Saying the right things, and doing what we say
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Teamwork for Success

  • Sharing and transferring information and knowledge
  • Appreciating our colleagues and celebrating their successes
  • Establishing trust across all of our relationships