Federal Data Strategy Includes Four Key Components

Sonny Kakar, founder & CEO of Sevatec, joins Government Matters TV to discuss the federal data strategy and how data can help both innovation and management.

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As part of the President’s Management Agenda, the Federal Data Strategy is a roadmap to show agencies how to properly use data. Its four components aim to improve not just service to citizens, but allow for greater innovation as well.

“We’re in the middle of a data explosion. There’s IoT and there are data sources everywhere. In fact, data is being created and generated at a faster clip than the federal government, or really any one entity can handle and assess and properly make decisions with,” said Sonny Kakar, founder & CEO of Sevatec.

“As you start looking into crowdsourcing, and getting the public partnerships and private partnerships established, now you have people out there who increase innovation.  There are tool sets out there that organizations are investing in, and that becomes valuable to the federal government.”

About Sevatec

Sevatec is a leading national security firm specializing in Agile, DevSecOps, data sciences, cyber engineering, and cloud solutions. Founded in 2003 on the concept of “Seva,” meaning “Inspired to Serve a Bigger Purpose,” our portfolio of mission-critical technology solutions includes homeland and law enforcement agencies, Department of Defense, Department of Transportation, Department of State, and multiple civilian departments and agencies.