Agile Unleashed: Agile FTW! Competitive Advantage and Happiness Through Business Agility on July 12, 2018

Join us for a preview of this Agile2018 presentation as we take Agile outside of IT and focus it on the entire corporation itself.

Agile has evolved to a best practice for business in general, not just IT. Some of us see it as a way of life for that matter.

During this session, John Hughes will share how the Agile mindset and practices apply to business and drive the highest impact possible towards the most valuable goals and initiatives. Modern leadership and business practices such as those under the Business Agility umbrella bring a value-driven, data-driven, efficient focus on impactful delivery. John will share stories and highlights of one such journey, as he partnered to seek the benefits of a comprehensive Business Agility adoption.


Arrive, network, and eat 6:30-7:00
Session 7:00-8:00
Q&A and networking 8:00-8:30

Food will be provided by Sevatec.