University Hire

Gain Experience,
Make an Impact

At Sevatec, recent graduates can gain valuable experience working on meaningful projects, alongside talented teams. We support a culture of growth, continuous learning, and company engagement.

Sevatec Team lead presenting to interns in meeting

Launch Your Career

Sevatec is looking for entrepreneurial, results-oriented individuals to help us tackle the nation’s most critical issues. We utilize our partnerships with top universities to help mentor and develop the next generation of industry talent. You’ve laid a knowledgeable foundation, now gain real-world experience working for a company that builds the software that powers exceptional government missions.

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Mohit Jakher

“One of my favorite things [about working at Sevatec] is that I get to engage with the CEO…”

Why Begin with Sevatec?

We are guided by purpose-driven work.

We have a direct impact on the citizens of this country, and we strive to make every contribution meaningful. We work hard and feel good at the end of the day knowing we’ve made a difference.

We enjoy collaboration and flexibility.

Our leaders have a teamwork-for-success mentality, maintain flexibility, and encourage a healthy work-life balance.

We value and support growth.

We encourage our employees to follow their interests and offer opportunities for continuous learning. You’ll have opportunities to participate in formal training, including online university courses, certifications, and industry seminars, as well as informal opportunities for mentoring, job-sharing, and cross-training.

We’re committed to the greater good.

Sevatec employees live the ‘seva’ (service) mindset every day. We encourage and support getting involved with the causes you care about.

Finding the Right Position

Look through our open positions to find a career that aligns with your skills, interests, and ambitions. See something that interests you? Apply, then follow up with one of our recruiters through email or text.

Gearing Up For Your Interview

We realize interviews can be intimidating, even for the most experienced candidates. The following tips will help ensure you put your best foot forward.

Do Your Research Ahead of Time:

Make sure you have reviewed the company website and understand what the company does. The more familiar you are, the more prepared you are to ask meaningful questions about the company’s culture, its mission, and the context of the job.

Develop Your Own Interview Questions:

Come to the interview with a few prepared questions. Try to ask things that can’t be learned from the company’s website, which will help illustrate that you’ve done your research. As the conversation develops, jot down any additional questions and circle back when time allows. This shows you’re engaged, listening, and sincerely interested in joining the team.

Listen actively:

Ensure you’re paying attention whenever your interviewer is speaking so you don’t miss important details. It’s easy to get distracted, especially when you’re nervous. Again, take notes when necessary.

Showcase Your Strengths:

Make sure every answer illustrates how you’d be a good fit for the job. Even if your previous experience isn’t directly related to the current position, highlight the transferable skills and how they might be advantageous in the current role.

Scrub your Social Media:

95% of employers check your social media before making a final hiring decision. Never publicly post political opinions, or content around sex, drinking, or drug-use. Employers also pay attention to your language, spelling, and grammar, so keep your English teacher in mind whenever you publish an update.

Dress to Impress:

First impressions are important and your appearance matters. Dress cleanly, comfortably, and professionally for your interview. Depending on the position, you may have some flexibility in what you wear. But you can’t go wrong in business professional attire.

Why Sevatec?

We constantly shift up and use technology to creatively solve problems of national significance. We recruit and attract people who are not only great at what they do but share a passion for innovation and working on problems that matter. Are you ready to shift up your career and make an impact every day?