Agile Unleashed: Quality and The Whole Agilist on February 13, 2019

As agilists, we understand that quality needs to built in from the beginning, rather than the traditional focus of quality being a checklist or a review on the way out the door. Sevatec is undergoing a cultural shift to bring Agile concepts, including an approach to quality management, into the beginning of the conversation (sounds like shift left testing!).

In addition to baked-in quality, we are also embarking on new and better ways of being at work, thereby hopefully impacting quality of life, as well as work quality.

Sevatec’s quality expert Cheryl Duwe will explore the intersection points between an agile mindset, mindfulness, bringing our whole selves to work, and all the things that make up a healthy (or becoming healthy!) work culture, and the impacts this has on customer outcomes. Join us for what promises to be a lively discussion!