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Our Digital Software Supply Chain – Shift UpTM – captures our experience modernizing critical mission applications that help protect America and facilitate essential public services.

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Exceptional missions rely on advanced, resilient applications.

Every agency mission is important. Some missions involve exceptional front-line challenges, complexity, and adversaries. Some provide critical capabilities that enable broader agency operations. Others deliver services to the public, both directly and indirectly.

Sevatec specializes in building software to support such exceptional missions.

We engineer and innovate software that meets your agency’s most exact and demanding requirements. We’ve delivered hundreds of modernized mission applications that transform, support, accelerate, and provide essential public services.

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Transform and secure U.S. immigration and law enforcement systems throughout the national security sector.

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Support transportation infrastructure modernization and public safety.

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Accelerate procurement, commerce, and financial processes.

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Provide essential public services across many different sectors.

Want to work with the most modern technology for the most critical missions?

What is Shift Up?

Building essential applications through the Digital Software Supply Chain – Shift UpTM

Shift Up combines DevSecOps, Agile Delivery, human-centered design, security, Cloud, and data into a fully automated software production system.

See how we can help your organization implement the most modern software techniques and advanced technology platforms.

DevSecOps Development

Pre-build CI/CD pipelines with configured tools designed to support many software architectures and manage automation across pipelines to direct builds, tests, and release management with minimal user interaction

Agile Delivery

Implement Agile best practices making use of federal government mandates such as the 15-Factor Development approach that ensures Agile teams are always “Release Ready” as software is produced

Human Centered Design

Integrate Human Centered Design, behavior driven development, design thinking, human, and data domain to improve application usability

End-to-End Security

Apply continuous security throughout the infrastructure and the development process with inflight certification

Cloud Service Integration

Enhance portability of modern software solutions across Cloud and hybrid environments while using far less resources at higher utilizations

Fully Hardened and Certified Containerized Infrastructure

Integrate dynamic management of container nodes ensures that application capabilities are always available to users

Data Engineering and Management

Design software and business logic around data domains resulting in dynamic and information-driven software solutions that guide and support end-user needs

Shift UpTM in Action

Learn how our Shift Up digital software supply chain drives software development from design to delivery and continuous improvement:

Our experience is what
Sevatec customers value most.

We have modernized hundreds of applications supporting exceptional missions throughout the U.S. Government. That experience translates directly into confidence that we will choose the best approach, avoid common issues, incorporate useful innovations, deliver more and faster than expected, and improve user experience over time.

Here are some examples of how we put our experience to work:

Want to Shift Up your career?

Work for a Company Serving Exceptional Missions

At the core, Sevatec is a services company. That’s why we hire the industry’s most capable talent—people who want to do meaningful work, on projects that matter, using the most advanced technologies and methods.

Rachel Whitt headshot

Rachel Whitt

Program Manager

“Sevatec is a great place to learn and grow; it is an environment which fosters empowerment, and its leadership invests in talented people.”

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Ali Hanif

Senior Solutions Architect

“Our culture of inspired problem solving comes directly from our leadership and management teams.”

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Connor McCarthy

Solutions Engineer

“Working at Sevatec has enabled me to work with the latest technologies and the best and brightest minds in our industry. I am definitely excited to be a part of the Sevatec journey!”

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Alexandra Baird Davis

Senior Communications Consultant

“The company does a fantastic job with motivating staff and rewarding their successes –  engaging with employees that work at client sites is a firm commitment they stand by – built on trust, competence, and mutual success.”

Corporate Social

We stand in solidarity with the communities we serve and advocate for those who need it most through scholarships, partnering with local organizations committed to racial injustice, and advocacy efforts.

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Since 2016, SevaTruck, a non-profit food truck, has been on the front line in helping combat food insecurity by providing hot, nutritious meals to children and veterans in underserved communities. Since Covid-19, SevaTruck has increased its operational capacity to 300-500 hot meals Monday – Friday.

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Call to Action for Equality:

Sevatec partnered with Project H.O.P.E. to take a stand against racial injustice and close the opportunity gap in our local communities through initiatives aimed at increasing access to educational and training opportunities.  Together we provide at-risk black youth IT training and preparation for obtaining IT certifications. Sevatec and its employees have additionally donated more than $50,000 of IT equipment, study manuals, and certification vouchers for students.